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We transform QuickBooks into QuickBooks for Restaurants. The one, up-to-date source of your restaurant’s financial information.

In the end, all the information you want will be in QuickBooks. QuickBooks retrieves half of the transactions from your bank. POS Link automatically retrieves the other half from your point of sales (POS) system and vendors.

You rest easy knowing POS Link will give you a full report on the happenings at your restaurant when you wake up. Every week you review a reconciled P&L from the prior week. You have all the information needed to effectively make financial decisions.

Bookkeepers ensure each check they write is money well spent. Managers spend more time performing on-the-job-training and ensuring your customers are happy. Operators go to QuickBooks to review their true cash position and whether they are making a profit on a daily basis. And, the books accurately reflect the sales performance of new marketing campaigns from day one.

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